Monday, January 30, 2012

january wedding.

This past Friday I had the privilege to witness two of my good friends marry each other. I could truly feel their love and happiness as I watched them take their vows. It was amazing. And beautiful.

As I sit back and try to think of more things to put on here, I'm at a loss. I haven't been doing any crafts lately, something that really needs to be fixed. I am working more and more since Mike has lost his job and we have switched roles, hence less and less new recipes. And little man is more and more difficult, pretty much at the peak of his terrible twos (hoping for the demise soon).

With that said I am going to be trying harder and harder to make time to do those crafts I've been thinking about.  Or that yummy dinner I saw in a magazine months ago, that I want to try and tweak.

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