Wednesday, May 4, 2011

little boy's sanctuary.

So even though the kitchen (close) and our bedroom (barely there) aren't finished, (I'm the master of starting projects.) I have already started the browsing for ideas on Dantae's BIG boy room. Mike would really like him to have a car bed; I plan on getting soon at a local second hand shop. So I'm thinking of going from there with a car theme. All boys (even big ones ) love cars.  Below are pictures I've found that inspire me.

I really like the idea of the road map design on the wall. And the headboard made from license plates.  Plus all the bold, primary colors are what I picture in my head.

This is the type of car bed I like. Pretty basic. (Mike will want to sticker it up on his own.)

after 20 mins. of looking at google images...
I started writing this with the car idea then I saw these pictures. Needless to say, new ideas are brewing.
And we all ready have..

I'm definitely liking the music idea and a chalk wall, I would have loved that as a young girl.  More on what I decide later. Pictures of the kitchen and bedroom will be posted soon.

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